Bendable Shower Curtain Rod

Bendable Shower Curtain Rod

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Innovative design - the curtain can travel along the rod without the interference of the ceiling support. 

The shape of your curtain rod is up to you - make it just like you want it. Half-round, D-shape, Neo-angle, Free-form. 

Complete freedom to shape the curtain rod to whatever need and the situation you might have.

This is a clever curtain rod for a shower or tub where the curtain moves freely along the rod. Use for your corner shower, bathtub or claw foot tub or if you need a privacy screen. The continuous track-style rod where the curtain gliding hooks are moving freely without interference of the ceiling support. Perfect for full enclosure. 

We had great success with our corner shower curtain rods during the last year and are adding on to the family of innovative products. This curtain rod can be formed by hand to fit your needs.

This kit will be the solution for the "impossible" installations; cramped corner, the window in the way, odd shaped space.....  

With a total length of almost 10' of the curtain rod, you can easily cut it down to fit a smaller shower/tub area.

The kit includes:

  • 3 ea. 40" curtain rod sections (total length almost 10 feet)

  • 2 ea. 40" ceiling support with section connectors

  • 2 ea. wall mounts

  • required hardware

  • 24 stainless steel curtain hooks

The flexible curtain profile is made from a lacquered aluminum with a PVC core. The wall mounts and curtain hooks are made from ABS plastic (load tested to 8 lbs). Available in white or chrome finish that will be a perfect match to your bathroom. 

White finish: white lacquered curtain rod, white wall mounts, and curtain hooks/gliders.

Chrome finish: lacquered natural aluminum finish curtain rod, chrome coated wall mounts.