Q: I have a vaulted ceiling in my bathroom. How should I install the ceiling support?

A: Make a gentle bend in the aluminum tube for the support to match the angle of your ceiling like this.

Q: My ceiling is too tall for the 21” ceiling support. Do you have a longer ceiling support?

A: We do have an extension available to make the total length 42” that you can cut as needed. Take a look at our Ceiling Support Extension.

Q: The curtain hooks are made from plastic. Are they strong enough?

A: We had hundreds of unit installed in the last year alone and are not aware of any breakage of the hooks. If you have a heavy cotton shower curtain doubled up with a vinyl waterproofing liner on the inside it might be too heavy for this rod assembly. However, with regular use we have not seen any problem. We have done tests of the hooks and gliders and they are good for 8 lbs of load. The kit comes with 24 hooks/gliders and that would give you some spares in case it’s needed. We always recommend having extra hooks on hand.

Q: What material is the shower rod kit made from?

A: The rod is an extruded aluminum finished with a lacquer coat while the wall mounts and the profile connectors are made from injection molded ABS plastic. The curtain hooks as well as the gliders that travel inside the channel on the curtain rod are made from ABS to slide with minimal friction. The fasteners included with the kit are stainless to resist the moisture in a bathroom environment.

Q: I have a very low ceiling in my bathroom. Can I shorten the ceiling support?

A: The ceiling support is 21″ but can easily be cut down with a hacksaw. The minimum length is about 3″.

Q: I'm having trouble installing the ceiling support on my Corner Shower Curtain Rod. Can you explain the installation in more detail?

A:  We assume you are asking about installing the lower end of the support (the plastic clip) and how it snaps in to the profile. Hold the support in a 90 degrees angle to the inside of the profile. Insert the end with “hooks” towards the lower end of the upper channel in the profile and slowly move the support to an upright position, “rolling” over the rounded part of the plastic mount. As the support reached the upright position the hooks at the end of the rounded section of the plastic will snap in to the profile. A “foolproof” way to install the ceiling support is to disconnect the curtain rod profile and insert the ceiling support from the end of the profile and slide it in to desired location. Take a look at this video.

Q: On the bendable curtain rod model, can I make tight bends?

A: As we mention in the installation instructions you should make the radius smaller than 6″. If the curtain rod profile is bent to a smaller radios than 6″ a few things might happen: the extruded aluminum profile might crack, the ABS core at the center of the curtain rod might break and the gliders might get jammed and have problems traveling along the rail. Even if you are able to bend it to a smaller radius we would not recommend that you go smaller than 6″

Store questions:

Q:  Do you accept returns?

A:  Returns for unused products are accepted up to 14 days after the order was delivered. In order to initiate a return, simply send us a note through the Contact Form and we will provide you with a RAN number.  We are able to refund the price you paid for the product, but not the shipping costs. Make sure the returned items is carefully wrapped and please get a tracking number for all return items as we are not responsible for lost shipments coming back to our warehouse. The returned item has to be in unused, not modified and in re-sellable condition. If this is not met we can refuse the refund.

Q: Will I be able to cancel or change an order?

A:  We will do our best to process any cancellation or change requests before your order is sent to our warehouse. However, ShowerAuthority cannot guarantee that any order can be changed or canceled after the order has been placed. If the order has been shipped, or for some other reason we are unable to cancel or modify the order, the customer will be responsible for the full cost associated with shipping the product back to us. Please order carefully, and if you’d like to cancel, contact us as soon as possible through the Contact Form. Put ‘cancel’ and your Order number in the subject line of the message.